A Huge Welcome To LainyCakes Kitchen!

Hello! Welcome to LainyCakes Kitchen – my brand new blog dedicated to my delicious recipes and foodie adventures. I wanted to kick things off with a bit of an introduction, just so you know the person behind the recipes. I’ll start with the basics.

I’m Lainy. I’m 29 and I’ve live in Glasgow. I have a little boy, Corey and husband, Craig. Here’s a wee photo of us so you have some faces to put the names to!


I adore cooking, obviously. For as long as I can remember I’ve never been more content than when I’m in the kitchen creating delicious dishes. I have way too many cook books and I read them like novels, using loads of their hints and tips to experiment and improve my own cooking.Over the years I’ve built up a heart repertoire of “signature” dishes and I’m always working on more.

Have you ever seen those meal prep “goals” photos where they’ve got the same meal perfectly packed up for the week ahead? Well… that gives me The Fear! I mean, it looks pretty. I just can’t imagine food being a) that much like a weekly chore and b) the same every day when there are so many different foods out there. So, with that in mind, you can expect a lot of diversity from my recipes.


I’m also really passionate about baking. There is nothing in this world more therapeutic than making a cake or batch of cookies from scratch. Obviously the end results are also pretty pleasing too. If I were truly living the dream I’d be a contestant on Great British Bake Off, but I figure with the average contestant age I’ve still got plenty of time to achieve that. I used to run a blog and small baking business when I was at university called LainyCakes and that’s where the name came from. When university got real LainyCakes unfortunately stopped being a priority. I felt it was such an important part of my journey to get here that I wanted to keep the name, but as I’m not solely focussing on baking LainyCakes Kitchen was born…


I’m really excited to start bringing you lots of recipes from my kitchen. I hope you’re looking forward to checking them out. As a mum I’m always on the lookout for quick, healthy meals (emphasis on quick) so most of these recipes will be easy to follow and relatively cost effective unless it’s for a special occasion. With a little one running around, time is precious so I’m a dab hand at making the most of my time in the kitchen and hopefully that will come across in my recipes.

You’ve probably noticed I’ve got a section called “Out Of The Kitchen” too. OOTK will act as a home to reviews of some places I’ve been to when I occasionally take a break from the kitchen. This doesn’t happen incredibly often, but when I do get the chance to try somewhere new that really excites me I want to share it with you.


Today marks the official Launch Day for LainyCakes Kitchen, but I’ve got loads planned for you to check out coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled for Brunch Club and a super exciting GBBO challenge that I can’t wait to get started with. If you have anything you want to know I’m available to contact via my contact form in the main menu and I’m always happy to hear feedback from you.

Thanks for paying a visit to LainyCakes Kitchen. I hope you stick around.



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