Out Of The Kitchen: La Favorita

La Favorita are right up there with the best pizza I’ve had in Glasgow. They aren’t going to settle for just having the more traditional offerings – although they’re all there on the menu too – but they also like to try some more unusual combos. The ones I’ve tried have all been amazing.

More specifically, their tricolore pizza has possibly the best combination of ingredients I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. With tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken, pancetta, potato and pesto on top of a thin, crispy log fired base it’s as unusual and delicious as it sounds. Thinly sliced potato on a pizza is the hero you didn’t know you needed. It’s fast became one of my favourite pizza toppings.

Carb heaven – tricolore, sweet potato fries and mac and cheese croquettes.

Their sides are pretty special too. They top their generous helpings of crispy sweet potato fries with Parmesan and serve it with a tangy tomato and coriander relish on the side – yum! They also do mac and cheese croquettes, which are an absolute must for any visit. Those golden breadcrumbed nuggets of creamy macaroni cheese really are as good as they sound. They also taste great dipped in that lovely relish.

With rich, velvety smooth ice cream in an array of flavours for dessert you’d be mad not to order some. Just leave it in the freezer until your food baby has subsided and then thank past you for being so thoughtful when you’re ready to tuck in.

The restaurant space downstairs set up for Yelp Glasgow Pizza Battle.

Since we don’t live near La Fav it is a very occasional treat for us, but if we’re ever near here and looking for some food to grab on the way home it’s a winner every time. However, if you’ve got the time to sit in then their restaurant space downstairs is super cute and cosey. Bright colour accents against a white background make the space seem larger. You can also watch the masters at work while you eat as there’s another woodfired oven down here.

La Favorita have recently added three new pizzas to the menu – black pudding and goats cheese, steak and mustard and chicken tikka – and I plan on making a date to try all three very soon!



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