German Market Inspired Coconut Macaroons

Did you visit a Christmas Market over the festive period? If you’re lucky enough to live in Glasgow you’ll have found two different markets serving up a variety of delicious feasts from around the world. It was a food lover’s dream and I’m a little bit sad that it’s gone. I didn’t get to try nearly enough of the beautiful food on offer and I have severe cake regret over one sweet treat in particular… freshly made coconut macaroons.

Is there any smell as inviting as warm, sweet toasted coconut on a cold winter day? I think not. When we visited I was trying my hardest not to give in to the huge amounts of temptation around. Even then I found myself wandering past that stand a couple of times staring adoringly at those beautiful golden domes. Surprisingly, self control won out that day but when my friends mentioned they had picked a couple up on their visit my jealousy returned. I never managed to get back into the market again before it shut up shop sadly.

Coconut macaroons and a strong cuppa – heaven!

Last night I was doing my usual Pinterest browse for baking inspiration and right there in my suggestions were coconut macaroons. Fate! I spent a bit of time browsing through different binding methods, whether or not your egg whites need to be whisked and folded and just how much coconut was the perfect amount. Today I embarked upon making a batch of coconutty mounds that the german market would be happy to serve up – and I was not disappointed with the results!


The slightly cakey, textured consistency of these is exactly how it should be, with a toasted golden layer encasing the soft, rich, sweet coconut mix within. Because my husband has an insane sweet tooth I opted to dip the bases in a little melted milk chocolate to create a contrast in texture and flavour. It went down a storm as he almost devoured three as soon as he got home from work. This recipe is so simple and it’ll go down a storm, I promise.




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