Out Of The Kitchen: Bread Meats Bread

I only first got the chance to try Bread Meats Bread in June last year. As you can imagine, by that point the BMB Bandwagon was pretty full, but one quiet Tuesday night we managed to avoid the crowds and get in to visit this Glasgow burger institution.Did it live up to the hype? Oh. Hell. Yeah.

Bread Meats Bread are serving up the gold standard in burgers in my fair city, with their indulgent sides raising the bar even higher. Ever walked past this place and seena crown of people waiting on a table to open up? That’s because food this good is worth the wait. My relationship status with BMB has went from non-existent to crazy stalker in the last 6 months so rather than go through everything I’ve tried I’ll share a few of my menu highlights with you.

The Wolf Of St Vincent Street

To start, why don’t we talk about how the obsession started? As you’d imagine it all began with a burger. Not just any burger….

The Wolf Of St Vincent Street.

The Wolf is a burger of epic proportions and is listed on the menu as BMB’s signature burger. For good reason too. This bad boy boasts a burger topped with American cheese, pulled pork in BBQ sauce, super crispy bacon, crispy onions and Nduja and sriracha mayo, all cased in a toasted brioche bun! Phew…
It’s as good as it sounds too. The texture and flavour differences in each element mean this burger never get boring to eat. Every bite is full of exciting flavour combos and it’s completely possible that consumption of this burger may begin a Bread Meats Bread obsession.

Buffalo Fries

With the incredible list of sides available it might be a little hard to choose the perfect one to accompany your burger. Might I recommend the Buffalo Fries? Personally I believe these to be the perfect partner for any dish on the menu.

Buffalo Fries

These light and fluffy chips come topped with hot sauce, blue cheese mayo and crispy fried onions. Now that’s a power combo. Hot sauce and blue cheese mayo is an ingredient combination that always gets my mouth watering. As a topping for fries? Delicious!

The 3×3 Cali Burger (Mustard Fried, obvs!)

If you’ve heard of BMB then you’ve probably heard about their Cali burger. It comes in 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 options – or with a choice of 2, 3 or 4 stacked beef patties. Each burger also comes with the option to have your patties mustard fried. YES! The answer here should always be an emphatic yes.

The incredible 3×3 Cali – try it mustard fried.

Just look at that beauty. It comes with all the trimmings and BMB’s very own secret sauce, so while on the surface this may seem like a stacked, simple burger, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Burger fanatics in Glasgow often hail the Cali as one of the city’s best burgers because as well as being an absolute beast, it matches it’s size with incredible flavour. Yeah, it’s a bit daunting, but you only truly regret the food you didn’t eat, right?

Squeaky Fried Cheese

Okay, I’ll admit that this one doesn’t sound the most appetising. Squeaky isn’t really the most appealing description of food. These little deep fried nuggets of cheese curd are definitely one of those “treat yourself” dishes that you do have to try at least once though. The cheese is encased in a golden brown breadcrumb and comes with a tangy, spicy mayo dip. While they’re not something I order consistently, they’re definitely something for those days where you’ve completely ditched the diet and just really want to indulge in something truly comforting.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of the Bread Meats Bread menu yet. With over 20 burgers alone on the menu, as well as sandwiches, toasties and a whole range of sides you can definitely be excused for paying them a lot of visits. There’s even more choice at their new West End location! BMB is somewhere I plan on seeing a lot of in 2017.


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