Why I Chose Slimming World

It’s one of life’s eternal struggles – you want to lose weight, but you still want to eat your favourite foods. When you love cooking and going out to eat then sometimes it seems like you’ll never be able to find the willpower to drop the excess pounds. Since I had my little boy a couple of years ago dieting has taken a major back seat. There have been times where I’ve found a spare bit of motivation lying around and I’ve dropped a stone or so, only to put it right back on again when my social calander gets a bit hectic.

This year I’m prioritising health over indulgences and I’ve been looking at my options for changing my diet to a sensible healthy eating plan. Not a diet. First thing that I ruled out were fad diets. No shakes, no soup diets, no “detox” diets that promise to drop a dress size in 3 days. I’ve never been one for fad diets, purely because I love real food too much. The thought of giving up carbs on a permanent basis makes my soul exit my body, so I need something that’ll allow me to eat what I like but teach me how to have a healthier relationship with food.


Next up was a look at the diets that “aren’t diets”, the national companies that we always hear massive success stories from. I’m talking about Slimming World, Scottish Slimmers and Weight Watchers. I’ve tried all three previously to varying degrees of success. WW never really worked for me and I felt they were heavily reliant on teeny tiny processed ready meals to make up your daily points allowance.

Scottish Slimmers worked phenomenally for me when I was younger. I got down to the lowest weight I’d ever been by following it rigidly but there was limited flexibility and I soon grew bored with the restrictions. I want something that’ll still allow for one night off without sabotaging my entire diet.

Slimming World is my favourite concept, and the only plan that I feel truly teaches you to have a better relationship with food. No food is forbidden, and there are pages and pages of “free” food (food you can eat an unlimited amount of). It also allows me, with a few tweaks, to have the meals that I truly enjoy whenever I want. Most importantly, it still allows me life’s indulgences without the guilt. So it’s back to Slimming World I go, but this time with a renewed focus and energy.

Roast Pepper Pasta Bake.jpg
Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Bake – A Slimming World Staple!

I’m on a mission this time round to combine my love of food with the ideals of Slimming World and so a lot of my recipes going forward will be SW friendly (I’ll make you aware of the ones that are). I’ve honestly made so many delicious “Slimming World meals” that you’d never believe you could eat on a diet, including massive burgers, creamy pasta dishes and even salt and pepper chips – yes!

Finding balance can be incredibly hard and there will definitely be times that you’ll feel like you’ve failed. Trust me. Last year I stopped and started with dieting and my heart wasn’t really in it. This year I’m teaching myself to change the way I think about food in order to really enjoy it every single day. I have quite a journey ahead of me, but I feel that with Slimming World in my corner, I’m on the right path.



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