Slimming Diary: 1 Stone Gone!


As a lot of my recipes these days will be centred around my slimming journey, I’ve decided to post some updates on how I’m actually coping with the journey itself. I suppose the main reason for me wanting to do this is to keep me focussed. I tried and failed numerous times last year to lose weight and mostly it came down to not really feeling like I was doing it for me. Writing is an extremely cathartic process for me where I can work through problems I’m facing in my life. I’m hoping I can apply that to slimming to keep me on track and get me to my goal weight.

I talked about my 30th coming up this year in my last post which is one of the biggest motivators in this whole journey. It’s a big year, and you get a little reflective about where you are and where you wanted to be. Luckily I’m in a great place for most things. My happiness is centred around the relationships I hold in my life and I have a loving husband, son, family and friends who support me in everything I do. I feel I’m an extremely lucky person and for the most part that makes me confident and happy in my daily life.

Weight, however, is something I’ve always battled with and my relationship with food is not a healthy one. While I’m changing my eating habits to lose weight, I’m also looking at shifting my relationship with food this year in order to have sustainable results. This time round I seem to have found a drive and focus that was never there before; a strength that I never knew I had in my weight battles.

That focus is delivering some excellent results. It’s been 3 weigh-ins since I walked through the front door to my Slimming World group and I’ve lost 1st 0.5lbs. I. Am. Amazed! When I first walked into class I had this horrible feeling of shame and guilt. “Here I go again” running through my mind, wondering how long it would take me to give up this time. So I took a seat at the new members chat and listened like this was the first time I’d walked into that class. My consultant welcomed me back warmly and assured me that she wants me to succeed just as much, if not more, than I do. I sat through group and listened to women who are really kicking ass at this slimming thing and stole all of their wonderful recipe ideas. Even facing the scales at the end of class wasn’t enough to get me down.

I’ve been on that high ever since. I’ve followed this plan to the letter and anything that goes in my mouth gets written down and accounted for. Yeah, that seems excessive, but for me it works. If I go out for something to eat I’ll order on plan. Say my friend has some food on the table for sharing and I have a couple of bites… if I don’t write that down and calculate how much damage I’ve actually done in SW’s “syn” value then I’d normally call that day a write off and eat terribly for the rest of the day.
“Well, I’ve already blew it.”

That’s not who I am this time round. Everything is accounted for and if I do deviate a bit from the plan then I’m not going to have a meltdown over it. After all, I’m changing my lifestyle. I’m not “on a diet”. I’m making healthy, sensible food choices, not depriving myself. The plan works. My results in three weeks speak for themselves. I’ll be on this journey for a while, but I’m hopeful that this new found confident and self assured person I’m becoming sticks around. I like her.



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