Tantrum Doughnuts

Tantrum, Tantrum, Tantrum… where have you been all my life?

After a really hectic week I was craving something sweet and indulgent to perk up the last day of the weekend. When I suggested to hubby that we should take a drive over to Tantrum Doughnuts on Old Dumbarton Road there was zero persuasion needed. He’d also been desperate to try some of their unusual flavour combinations. He’s a bit of a creme brulée addict and anywhere that combines those flavours in a large, fluffy doughnut is on his “to try” list.

Our hand picked half dozen.

Tantrum have just moved homes – but you won’t have to travel far. It’s only a few doors up the road at 27 Old Dumbarton Road. They’ve teased us all by saying the reason for the move is due to a bigger kitchen work space, meaning more flavours in the future. Given their current offerings, this is super intriguing to any doughnut fan.

Now, here’s the thing about Tantrum. You can go in full of the best intentions. “We’ll just get one each and a wee coffee…” Forget that. After seeing those incredibly attractive doughnuts in their display case the words “a box of 6 please” had flown from my gob before my brain had even engaged. Before going in I knew that I was going for the Hibiscus and Pistachio, but once I’d seen the PB&J I knew I had to try both. Hubby had already selected 3 he wanted to try (bacon maple and popcorn, creme brulée and maple walnut) and our little man, embarking on his first ever doughnut experience, eagerly selected the almond and buttermilk.

My choices of PB&J and Hibiscus and Pistachio

I was surprisingly restrained after we’d left Tantrum, opting to save my doughnuts until after dinner that night and have them as a very special dessert. Even though they were speaking to me all day – I swear they were whispering “eat me” – I sat down after dinner to tuck into the first of my sweet treats.

PB&J – a classic combo for a reason.

I decided to have my PB&J first. Huge, fluffy, golden brown, it was topped with a creamy peanut butter swirl, peanuts and a little peak of the delicious jam filling. Taking a bite of this doughnut is an experience. The soft dough is perfectly puffed, and the combination of the jam and peanut butter is just the right ratio of sweet and salty. It’s absolutely packed with their homemade jam – no disappointing dollops of filling here – and that jam just makes Tantrum all the more special. It’s a doughnut that has a lot of passion and love behind its conception. I initially had the intention of sharing my doughnuts with my sweet-toothed hubby but this one was gone in a heartbeat. It was so deliciously moreish that no one would have a chance of getting a taste.

Pistachio and Hibiscus

Thinking I would leave my Pistachio and Hibiscus until the next day was incredibly naive of me. By late evening I was back in the kitchen, this time actually cutting my doughnut in two before starting to eat so I would have to share. This was the whole reason I wanted to visit Tantrum. These beautiful doughnuts, with their eyecatching pink and green decorations, have gathered some Instagram infamy. When you have a lot of foodies on your feed these beauties become a regular feature, and I just had to try it for myself. You know… for research purposes… sure.

They are so worth the hype. Deliciously botanical frosting tops the most perfect doughnut bun I have ever had. The crunchy pistachios add a subtle, nutty flavour that just increases the indivuality of this treat. Do I regret cutting this one in half and sharing? Of course I do!

Believe the hype about Tantrum Doughnuts and go visit them in their new home. With more and more flavours being added to their already exciting repertoire, these guys are moving onwards and upwards fast. Make sure you’re involved.



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